The Library

Knowledge is the torch that illuminates the way on a moonless night. It is the map through the most labyrinthine streets and alleys. It is the sturdiest of shields and the sharpest of swords. It is power. It wins wars for those who do not have armaments. It will help us drive evil away from our land and from the face of the earth. It will end injustice and restore the democracy we deserve. It is our weapon against the junta and we, from Worldwide Burmese Students, will do our best to share it through our virtual library. So, feel free to use it as you wish!


Survive a Coup

Learn all the things you need to know about protesting effectively, staying safe on the streets and at home, and treating your injuries. 


Legal Analysis

Read our detailed analyses of international and municipal laws and how the junta can be attacked legally.


Educational (General)

Read our various articles on more general topics in this section.